As Twitchy readers know, Samantha Power was wagging her finger at the media for quoting Trump in their headlines calling him a serial liar, and as Twitchy readers also know we made fun of her for this tweet, as did many, many others.

It was a rather stupid tweet:

That being said, nobody dragged Samantha quite as well for this tweet as Laura Ingraham:

Yikes, Samantha, this was BRUTAL.

And answer Laura’s question would ya’? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Wait, is this tweet elite?



And wow, someone used her ID. So either she’s a liar or she’s completely incompetent … maybe a little bit of both.

Like we all needed yet another reminder that Trump is the result of the Obama administration. You know this drives people like Samantha crazy knowing their actions all but enabled and created a Trump presidency.

He is not the problem, he’s a side-effect.

Right?! Just like her buddy, Comey.


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