Seems Samantha Power is unhappy with the media quoting Trump in their headlines, especially when it comes to his claiming the prosecutors found no evidence of Russian collusion.

This editor hates that this woman’s name is Samantha … 

Anyway, we digress.

Look at this mess:

Nag nag nag.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not exactly fans of the media in general these days but we’re even less of fans of Samantha Power or other members of the Obama administration.

Maybe we should just let them fight it out?

Yeah, we’re waiting for our doctor back and that big ol’ check for $2500 as well.

Heh, wouldn’t count on it.

Wow, true story, we had forgotten so many of the lies Obama told while he was president. No wonder people on the Right are still pissed at this guy.


She’s a Democrat aka an authoritarian which means she can’t help herself.



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