At this point, you know Sean Spicer himself probably wishes he could enrage the Left (and sometimes even the Right) on Twitter even half as much as our favorite parody account and yours, Sean Spicier (@sean_spicier) does. Spicier really and truly has mastered the troll, trigger, and drag which is due in part to the Left’s inability to look for the blue check before they say something stupid and get ‘spicied’.

Spicier’s tweets about pepper spray, Michael Cohen, John Kelly, and Liberals seem to have done the trick this week.


They still can’t figure out that Sean isn’t Sean.

Thank the Twitter Gods, heh.

This editor couldn’t find any misspellings so we’re not sure why ol’ Mike was so cranky … oh wait, he’s a Leftist, never mind.

We can’t all be successful parody accounts on Twitter.

You know Ron thought this was a serious dig at the former press secretary.

What a maroon.

We’re going to guess it tastes like chicken.


These people.

Umm …

Oooh, a blue check even! You’d think D.C. here would realize there is no blue check by Spicier’s name but whatevs … he was busy dunking on a parody account. What a tough guy.


You know what? We can’t even.


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