Kyler Murray is this year’s Heisman Trophy winner and the VERY NIGHT the young QB won the coveted award the media and mob came for him over six-year-old tweets they called ‘homophobic.’ You know, tweets he wrote when he was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD.

The next time media types start whining about people hating them you remind them of this crap right here:

Kyler was just a kid. FFS.

From USA Today:

Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray had a Saturday to remember. But the Oklahoma quarterback’s memorable night also helped resurface social media’s memory of several homophobic tweets more than six years old.

When Murray was 15 years old, he tweeted at his friends (via his since-verified Twitter account) using an anti-gay slur to defame them. As of early Sunday morning, four offensive tweets using the slur remained active on his account and had not been deleted.

He. Was. 15.

Holy crap, people.

Oh, and don’t worry USA Today, you and the rest of the mob bullied him into deleting the tweets … he wrote when he was in high school.

Of course he didn’t mean to single out any group … HE WAS A KID.

Dude. No kidding.

Every day this editor thinks maybe JUST MAYBE we’ve gotten to the stupidest point but then something like this pops up and yeah no.

Welcome to the mob.

Kevin Hart says hi.



Pure Leftist media bullsh*t; this editor went out to search on Kyler to make sure she knew who he was (it’s sports, man) and EVERY story trending about the young man is about these stupid tweets and not the fact he won the Heisman.

They’ve just gotta ruin everything, don’t they?



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