We suppose Rick Wilson is going to accuse us of being little minions and writing a pathetic hit piece on him for putting his fairly vile tweets to Amber Athey in an article but hey, we’ve been insulted by far bigger and dumber people so eh …

We’re not entirely sure why he felt the need to drag Daily Caller editor, Amber Athey and what he thought might come of it but here we are:

He’s struck blood.

Ok, full disclosure, this editor used to really like Rick Wilson and would have even called him a friend BUT at this point, it’s like he’s lost himself in his Trump Derangement Syndrome which used to be a joke but seeing discussions like this? TDS is very real.

Athey fired back:


OH boy.

Athey was on a roll and who could blame her?


Not helping, Rick.

In other words, it sounds like she was the adult in the room.

This is TDS.

It does.

And the behavior of his followers as well:

Awww, look at that Hillary avi sending Rick some love.

Speaks volumes, doncha think?

To be fair, Rick is smart media guy, he’s tough but it seems like he’s gone the way of other conservatives who Trump ‘broke’.

But she does know who she’s dealing with.

We all do, we’ve been watching him since the election – how could we miss him?



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