Max Boot has really jumped into this whole ‘Look at me I’m an angry, shouty Leftist’ thing with both feet. From accusing Twitchy of being a bunch of alt-right Russian bots (right?!) to attempting to drag Jonah Goldberg over a piece he wrote on the climate change frenzy, Max isn’t really doing himself any favors.

Why on Earth would anyone ever pick a fight with Jonah?

We get it Max, you’re an angry Leftist now. *eye roll*

Jonah responded in kind:


He’s trying SO HARD to fit in with his new Leftist friends. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Max really was.

We didn’t see Jonah call him any names but hey, whatever helps ol’ Max sleep at night.

Jonah is far more mature than this editor who would have responded with, ‘Your mom is not a sign of a strong argument,’ but THAT is why HE’S Jonah Goldberg and this editor writes goofy stuff for a living.



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