When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes claims that influential people in areas like Flint and the Bronx don’t care if poor people go without clean water or air do you think she realizes she’s trashing her own party? Surely she knows Democrats have been in charge of these places for years, and years, and years, right?


Ok, maybe not.

Hey, at least she’s not threatening to subpoena a citizen for disagreeing with her on Twitter.

And OMG does she love herself or what? Give us a freakin’ break already, caring about children is radical? Now do abortion, Alexandria.

But tell us more about how mean Republicans are, Alexandria.

Tough crowd.

If Democrats don’t have a ‘handler’ for AOC they really need to get one, ASAP. Don’t get us wrong, we’re more than happy to keep writing articles about her tweeting silly things but yeah …



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