Mere moments after Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to sit on the SCOTUS, the Left started screeching about how he would end legal abortion in America and cause a bunch of women to drop dead if confirmed.

The Right tried to explain Kavanaugh’s position on abortion, that it is settled law, over and over again but the Left was determined to see Kavanaugh as a threat and even went so far as to try and ruin his life to keep him off the bench.

Luckily they failed.

And of course, they were wrong all along (as usual):

Color us not shocked.


Chief Justice John Roberts and the newest justice, Brett Kavanaugh, joined the court’s four liberal jurists in turning away a pair of petitions from Kansas and Louisiana seeking the ban on abortion providers.

Justices had twice earlier this year declined to act on petitions in Andersen v. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri and Gee v. Planned Parenthood of Gulf Cost. The decision to refuse the cases came after Kavanaugh was confirmed as the ninth justice.

“We are pleased that lower court rulings protecting patients remain in place,” said Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Leana Wen in a statement. “Every person has a fundamental right to health care, no matter who they are, where they live, or how much they earn.”

Guess the Left was really, really, really wrong when they claimed Kavanaugh would end abortion. Seems they tried to destroy his life for no reason … shocker.

We tried to tell you them but oh no …

Because abortion is super important and stuff.

*eye roll*


OMG we love this description!


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