If you think Trump calling the press the ‘enemy of the people’ is the same thing as a journalist being murdered in a foreign country you might need to be seen by a doctor for your Trump Derangement Syndrome because that is OFF THE CHARTS ridiculous.

Is S.E. Cupp saying it’s Trump’s fault that Khashoggi was murdered?


Ok, this was a crap metaphor even for Cupp. Getting strangled until you’re dead is far worse than simply not being democratic … really!?

We made that same face.

It’s all she and other members of the traditional media know how to do anymore.


Well, that and clutch pearls.

This ain’t rocket science.

We didn’t get it either, Kurt.

Any dunk on Trump is a good dunk on Trump with that crowd. It’s almost as silly as the people who support Trump no matter what he does or says.

We’re starting to wonder if there is something in the drinking water at CNN.

True story.


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