Rep. Eric Swalwell must think the best way to get his party’s blessing to run against Trump in 2020 is to tweet silly things about the president because his timeline reads like a rabid 12-year-old with a serious behavioral problem runs it.


Take for example, this tweet:

Huh? Look at the hip and edgy representative getting DOWN with the people and tweeting a gif.

This is like the worst dad joke maybe ever.

And he tried so hard here, too.

Someone from California needs to remind Eric he still works for them. Just sayin’.

Psh, he’s a Democrat, he doesn’t know how to be an adult.

And sadly, judging from some of the replies on this tweet Eric may be the smartest person in the room … yeah, wow.


These folks must laugh easy.


Even Eric Garland likes this tweet:

Which should tell us everything we need to know.



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