All we can assume is Cliff Schecter, an opinion writer for The Daily Beast, was in need of some attention, even if was the ‘she made you look like a total moron’ variety because otherwise he and another yahoo picking a fight with Dana Loesch seem pretty pointless.

Well, to be fair, at first he wanted to pick a fight with Dan Bongino:

Reading Cliff’s other tweets, we don’t blame Dan for blocking him.


Then this other account made the leap and tagged Dana in.

As you can see from the thread, we’re not dealing with the sharpest tools in the box.

See what we mean? Dude.

Dana came back in her normal, friendly, and prosperous way:

Every time we see anyone dragging Dana or other Conservatives for making money it’s obvious they just don’t understand what capitalism looks like. Maybe if they weren’t so cranky and bitter all of the time someone would want to sponsor them.

Like this gal’s suggestion:

Hey, this could work … heh.


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