Tom Arnold can’t seem to shut up when it comes to trolling Dana Loesch. No matter how much of a beating he takes on her timeline, the sad, angry, clearly needs attention has-been keeps coming back for more.

Truth be told, every time we see Tom on Dana’s timeline all we can think of is the scene from Ace Ventura 2 when he’s fighting the crocodile; he says, ‘Quit hitting yourself,’ over and over again.

Yup, that one.

Tom is clearly a glutton for punishment, from tweeting about 80% of gun owners either shooting themselves or someone they love (which he later claimed was a joke) to his offering to write for us (yeah no), the hits just keep on comin’.

And Dana just keeps on whoopin’ Tom for our enjoyment.


Not the ‘God bless,’ Tom. You never want a ‘God bless,’ from Dana, that means you’re done.

Like really done.

Then look at this crap:

Drag them, Dana.

Tom couldn’t wait to jump in here though:

Perhaps Tom should try this again but in English this time.


He should have just talked it over with the Secret Service when they visited his home, right?


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