Over the past few days, Tom Arnold has really done his part to help Twitchy write about him. Gosh, Tom, you’re a real team player …

Take for example his special math claim that 80% of gun owners shoot themselves or someone they love which we HAD to write about.

Alrighty then.

Would seem Tom has noticed our coverage and might even want to write for Twitchy.

Awkward. *don’t call us we’ll call you*

Tom is probably good at … well something, but we don’t see a good match here.

Not to mention he’s basically already writing for us, he just doesn’t know it yet.

The jury is still out on this one.

RIGHT?! Could be the funniest thing he’s written YET.

D’awwww thanks. We try although to be fair there are probably some people who don’t appreciate our humor.

Oh, and speaking of Tom’s math on gun owners, Chris Loesch also seemed to take notice of the actor’s common core logic:

To be fair, Tom has been harassing Chris and his wife Dana for days so we’re not surprised he slammed this ridiculousness. Look how badly it triggered Tom:

Screech screech!

And he wonders why we won’t let him write for us.

Sheesh, Tom, lighten up.


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