The media care more about supporting the narrative than they do about reporting the facts.

And in other news, water is wet.

Chad Felix Greene used a story from The Hill to illustrate how the media creates a narrative and once you see it in black and white you’ll never stop being pissed off about it. Take a gander:

Utah man attacks father and son, says he’s there to ‘kill a Mexican’.

The Hill pushes that as its headline KNOWING most people won’t bother to read the story – just look at the comments on the tweet. ‘Wonder if he’s a Trump supporter?’ SEE?! They knew exactly what writing the headline in this way would do, that it would support the ‘Trump supporters are violent racists’ narrative.

And THEN when the reader finally gets around to reading the story you see the accused is an older black man and that he’s off obviously his rocker.

Poof, there goes the narrative.



Then you have some people who will believe and push the narrative even when it’s obviously NOT true.

As we said up there (yeah, right there) the account trolling Chad didn’t bother to read past the headline.

And THAT, ladies and gents, is how it works.


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