This morning, Senator Orrin Hatch shared a photo of the Supreme Court with the newest associate justice, Brett Kavanaugh. It’s good to see every seat filled, especially by the two justices who were appointed by President Trump.


The thread that followed Hatch’s pic-tweet is a mix of awesome, hilarious, stupid, and outright meltdown – in other words, it’s Twitter.


Ok, full disclosure.

This editor laughed at this one.

You know that face you make when someone says something so stupid you’re not sure if they’re kidding but deep down you know they’re not? Yup, just made that face. In fact, this editor makes that face a lot.


Blah blah blah blah blaaaaah … *change the record*


RBG is a Republican? Huh, who knew?

These people are all probably a blast at Birthday parties.

You know what? WE can’t even.


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