Laura Ingraham had Code Pink’s national co-director Ariel Gold and Michelle Malkin on to talk about Linda Sarsour and the Left’s anti-Semitism on her show last night and HOLY COW, it was explosive. Dana Loesch first mentioned this interview on her timeline …

Yup, Gold was so flabbergasted, so taken apart, that while she was insisting white nationalists have taken over Congress (we can’t make this up) she confused Shaun King with Steve King. You’ll just have to watch for yourself.

Even Laura was exhausted of Gold by the end of it, especially after she claimed Sarsour was some great advocate for the Jewish community and that Mark Lamont Hill didn’t mean to say anti-Semitic things.

Code Pink … yup.

And holy cow, Michelle went OFF. It was awesome.

And they both share the same last name, right? RIGHT?

Indeed. And yet glorious at the same time.


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