Anytime a Democrat pushes this hard for a piece of legislation ALWAYS ask yourself what’s in it for them. Kamala Harris has been shrieking about Net Neutrality for as long as we can remember. Even after it was repealed (and MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DIED, oh wait), Kamala has continued to harp on the idea that government should regulate the net, not private industry.

Trust us, this is why Democrats love it, they want the regulations.

Imagine thinking people would have more free speech if the government regulates a service or product more.

Talk about ridiculous.


Wanna see how brainwashed her base is? Look at this …

Thank you for babysitting us!

Giving the government power over the internet is essential to our freedom?


That works for this editor – go for it, California.

But Trump. It’s always Trump.

The reality of Net Neutrality?

What he said.

And this is why Democrats love it so much.


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