Awww, look at Ted Lieu pretending he’s all big and bad because Ivanka Trump blocked him on Twitter.

You ever have one of those moments where you are simply AMAZED that this is real life? Seriously. An elected congressman is tweeting that the president’s daughter has him blocked on Twitter like this is a big deal.

We suppose if this somehow makes Ted feel manlier to each his own but yeah …

OOOOOOR maybe Ted is really, really annoying and that’s why she blocked him. Just spitballin’.

We didn’t say it.

We thought it.

We laughed at this tweet and included it in our piece BUT we didn’t say it.

That too.

He really is.

He might as well have said, ‘How DARE Ivanka block me!? Doesn’t she know who I am?!’

NOOOO! If he called or emailed her then he couldn’t pretend she’s super scared of him on Twitter.



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