As Twitchy reported yesterday, facts have come out around the Chipotle manager who was fired for supposedly ‘refusing service’ to black men. Turns out these particular men were known for ‘dining and dashing’, which was brought to Chipotle’s attention by an account on Twitter called 24 Hip Hop News.

After Chipotle was made aware of who these men were, they tweeted that they may be reconsidering her being fired.

Good, right?

Now look at the headline the New York Post wrote about the manager perhaps being rehired:

Because THAT’S not racially charged clickbait.


Ben Shapiro laid into the outlet as only he could:

Well, they’ve slandered her for clicks and taps, but yes.

Entirely pathetic indeed.

Us too! Heh.

Adulting and good journalism? Now, what fun would that be?


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