As Twitchy readers know, the White House sent a letter to Jim Acosta letting him know that his press pass will be revoked once the court’s restraining order expires. And as you can imagine, this threw CNN into another one of their hissy fits.

This time though they were so discombobulated about the White House getting the final word that their tweet contradicted their actual story about Acosta’s press pass:

Imagine being in such a rush to pick a fight with Trump and the White House that you make a total toolbag of yourself on Twitter. Wait, CNN does that daily … never mind.

Funny how they admit in their own story press access to the White House is grounded in tradition and not necessarily the Constitution.

All this really tells us is that the person who wrote the original story is likely NOT the person who tweeted it AND that the person who tweeted it likely didn’t even read the story.

You go, CNN.

And if you actually read the story CNN seems to know that.

All CNN has to do is send another reporter. *shrug*

This ain’t rocket science.


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