For months (years?) we’ve been asking Democrats how they’ll pay for all of this so-called ‘free’ Medicare for All, single-payer nonsense and they usually duck and dodge the question … probably because they were worried about winning their midterm elections.

Welp, now that they’ve suckered people all across the country the truth finally comes out, thanks to Democratic Congresswoman-elect, Jennifer Wexton out of Virginia.


Wexton is still dodging the question a bit … not as much as say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but still.

Gosh, golly, and gee! They’d have to raise our taxes?! COLOR US SHOCKED.

But we thought it was just the evil rich people who they wanted to pay for everything.

And EFF all that!

They’ll tax the ever-loving snot out of anyone who pays taxes at all … yup.

Sure it will, as long as she pretends to only tax evil rich people.

Because deep down, Democrats still think they’re smarter than the little people who don’t know any better.


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