Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting cranky with Republicans for pointing out when she makes mistakes. Hey, it’s not our fault that she says ridiculous things and proves time and time again she was not elected because of her knowledge of government or policy.

C’mon, she makes it too easy.


Three chambers of Congress? Huh?

Wait, three chambers of government? Presidency, Senate, and the House.

Alrighty then.

And where is the Judicial?

Or maybe instead of ranting about things Alexandria doesn’t understand for whatever popularity contest she’s still running she should spend some time getting to know the fundamentals of our government and the policies that she wants to push.

And notice the word slip in her tweet …

Less being fabulous in social media and more getting to know what the Hell you’re talking about, Alexandria.

She is terrifying, but not for the reasons she wants to be.

Seems she’s figuring out that being an elected official is actually a lot of work and puts her in a position for a good deal of criticism. She’s gonna have to suck it up.

Nothing wrong with being confident in your ideas, you just need to know what the Hell you’re talking about.

And she does not.



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