As we told you earlier, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to have lost her cool when dealing with Republicans who have been calling her out when she makes mistakes. Granted, she is in part pointing to the fuss some people made over her coat (this editor actually ignored that) but she’s ignoring the very real problem in that she doesn’t seem to understand the very basics of government.

Besides not knowing the three branches of government (eek, right?) she doesn’t seem to get why the Electoral College is important and how it works to protect everyone’s vote in this country.

Ah yes, God forbid … and what in the blue Hell is she talking about? Does she really think we believe she represents the working-class? C’mon.

And speaking of the working class, nice elitist dig at ‘uncles’.

Only certain members of the working class matter though, duh.

And we know, we’ve already covered her today but goodness, her timeline is just so full of Twitchy goodness.

Truth hurts, Alexandria.

Especially when those people are elected officials, right?!

Crazy uncles across this country second this tweet.


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