The Reagan Battalion did their homework on Linda Sarsour.

And just wow.

We knew Linda had tweeted some questionable things over the years that could be considered anti-Semitic but seeing them all in one meme like this is troubling, to say the least. True story, this editor was unaware of the many conspiracy theories she has pushed.

Take a gander:

Aww, look at the Farrakhan love. *yikes*

Seems The Reagan Battalion has checked off a good many ‘creepy’ and disturbing boxes regarding Sarsour. We especially like how they tagged Alyssa Milano since she came out against the Women’s March a couple of weeks ago due to the fact they had Sarsour in their leadership.

Seems a justified move now more than ever, doncha think?

As we’ve said before, you can delete a tweet but in all reality, they never truly go away. And if you look through all of these links you’ll find their screenshots in the original meme are indeed REAL and even more awful.

Talk about dangerous and warped messaging … way to go, Women’s March.


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