A week has passed since the midterm elections and we think it’s safe to say, so much for that whole ‘Blue Wave’.

Hey, Lefties won some races but they’ve been over-promising and threatening the Right with this giant TSUNAMI of progressive garbage and they just didn’t produce. Even the media has admitted there was no real ‘wave’ when it was all said and done:

Of course, even while they admit the Left didn’t produce like they said they would, the media is still doing it’s best to paint them as the winners.

Ben Rhodes just couldn’t deal with reality … we know, you’re shocked.

Hey Ben, remember when Democrats lost over 1000 seats across the country under President Obama but it wasn’t a big deal because your buddies in the media looked the other way? Gosh, we do.

Guess you could say they didn’t build that blue wave?

‘Hope and change’ was all wet?

We could do this all day.


Now THIS reads like ‘Dear Diary’: Jim Acosta has serious case of the sadz in his ‘declaration’ supporting CNN’s lawsuit

Damn, this was BRUTAL! Monica Lewinsky just absolutely DECIMATED Bill Clinton (plus the media) and you’ll fist pump

Talk about BUTTHURT! CNN officially sues Trump for kicking Jim Acosta to the curb and OMG LOL