Monica Lewinsky didn’t pull any punches when it came to talking about Bill Clinton in Vanity Fair.

She also blasted the media …

From Vanity Fair:

Victim or Vixen? That’s a question as old as time immemorial: Madonna or Whore? Predator or Prey? Dressed scantily or appropriately? Is she telling the truth or lying? (Who will believe thee, Isabel?) And it’s a question that is still debated about women in general. And about me.

The debate over who gets to live in Victimville fascinates me, as a public person who has watched strangers discuss my own “victim” status at length on social media. The person at the epicenter of the experience doesn’t necessarily get to decide. No—society, like a Greek chorus, also has a say in this classification. (Whether we should or shouldn’t is a debate for another time.) And society will no doubt weigh in again on my classification—Victim or Vixen?—when people see a new docuseries I chose to participate in. (It’s titled The Clinton Affair. Bye-bye, Lewinsky scandal . . . I think 20 years is enough time to carry that mantle.)


Pretty damn powerful.

Exactly. If Bubba had been a Republican the media would have destroyed him BUT since he’s a Democrat he got a pass.

And still does get a pass. Heck, his wife RAN FOR PRESIDENT (and lost!).


Oh, and of course the Left is out in full force blaming Monica and claiming this is old news (all but proving Monica’s piece right). Look at these people.

Her skirt was too short.


Hillary was the only victim.

Holy Hell.


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