Welp, it’s official.

CNN is suing Trump for revoking Jim Acosta’s WH credentials claiming it violates his First Amendment rights …

And you thought 2017 was stupid.

This will DEFINITELY improve CNN’s relationship with the president.


Oh man.

Hey Jim, it’s a bad thing to become the story when you’re a reporter.

You know what probably would have worked better? Jim Acosta could have apologized for his behavior? You know, been the adult and accepted that what he did was wrong and work to be better when he’s at the White House.

And instead, they go the legal route because it’s more important for them to DUNK ON TRUMP than it is to actually develop a decent dialogue and ultimately a better relationship with him.

It’s his right to embarrass himself!


No one from the government is stopping Acosta from reporting, they’re just stopping him from coming onsite if he’s going to act like a raving lunatic.



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