As Twitchy readers know, CNN has filed a lawsuit against Trump and other aides for revoking Jim Acosta’s credentials after he acted like a toddler during a presser. And although the government has not stepped in to keep Acosta from reporting, CNN somehow thinks that his being banned from the White House is a violation of his First Amendment rights.

You know, all Jim really had to do was apologize and this would have likely been over but OH NO, drama queen couldn’t do it the easy way.

And CNN wonders why we make fun of them.

Here is Jim’s ‘declaration’ of support for the lawsuit:

Notice how Jim doesn’t take any responsibility for helping create his situation.


Told ya’.

He’s special doncha know?

Not sensing a ton of sympathy for ol’ Jim here.

Hey, where’s OUR pass?!

CNN and especially Jim Acosta have become the story which you’d think would be an embarrassment for all involved.


Damn, this was BRUTAL! Monica Lewinsky just absolutely DECIMATED Bill Clinton (plus the media) and you’ll fist pump

Talk about BUTTHURT! CNN officially sues Trump for kicking Jim Acosta to the curb and OMG LOL

‘He just wants the law FOLLOWED’! Chris Cuomo makes an A** of himself trying to own Rick Scott’s campaign sr. advisor (watch)