As Twitchy readers know, SNL and Pete Davidson made things right with Dan Crenshaw on this week’s show. They invited Crenshaw on, Davidson apologized, and then they encouraged the vet to make some jokes at Davidson’s expense. It was actually really funny and a reminder of how people can and should work out their differences and in fact, people of all political persuasions applauded the show.

Except for this doorknob …


Contributor at ‘The Nation’. Alrighty then.

You know that face you make when you think your coffee tastes funny but you’re not sure so you taste it again and yup, it does taste funny? Just made that face.

We’re not entirely sure these yahoos know what ‘white supremacy’ really is. Honestly, it seems like anyone they disagree with is some sort of white supremacist, even if that person isn’t white.

This guy was dragged, and deservedly so:

Whoa, good point.

Aww, mom jokes NEVER get old.

When MSNBC says, ‘Damn, that outlet leans Left,’ you KNOW it’s bad.

Us too.

Now that’s low.

But THAT’S the lowest.


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