Awww, the tolerant Left strikes again …


And let’s be honest, Kat Timpf is really pretty moderate in the grand scheme of things so to attack her of all people at Fox? That’s just someone who doesn’t really pay attention.

At this point, we are not sure where Kat was but we’re hoping she’ll post it soon so we can share …

Something has to change. Earlier in the week a bunch of Antifa idgits attacked Tucker Carlson’s home and terrified his poor wife and the Kat was chased from an establishment. And here we thought it was the Right who was dangerous and unhinged (no, not really but that’s what the Left wants us to believe).

No kidding.

And then it will be the VIOLENT RIGHT’S fault.


Welcome to 2018.

Sadly, most of these owners know if they intervene they’re next on the list to be harassed.

Imagine the shrieking if Conservatives started harassing well-known Leftist media types and Democrats in public – they’d accuse them of being domestic terrorists.

If she releases the name of the establishment we’ll share it … enough is enough.


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