Look out evil, Conservative white women, SJWs are coming for YOU! They’re even looking for and forming organizations to tell you all about how your ideas and beliefs are wrong and you should vote the way they tell you to.

We only wish we were making this up … but nope.

UPDATE: She deleted her tweet but LUCKILY we had a screenshot. Yay!

Question: Why don’t you leave women alone and let them think for themselves and vote as they choose?

What a ridiculous woman.


You know what, maybe we should look for an organization that will educate these progressive blue-checks on the Constitution?

Wonder if they understand the only women who will pay any attention to their so-called mind-controlling organizations agree with their warped ideas already.


If this editor rolled her eyes any further into her head she would likely cause herself permanent damage.

No, no she doesn’t.

Silly girl, didn’t you get the memo? Women on the Left think they’re smarter than women on the Right because supposedly we’re all docile and allow our husbands to tell us how to vote.

It’s stupid, but ultimately so is their entire agenda.

Let’s be honest, if Lily and others like her really think they can make Conservative women vote a certain way they’ve clearly never taken the time to talk to a real Conservative woman.

But good luck with that.


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