Last week, SNL’s Pete Davidson made some fairly disparaging remarks about Republican, Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw, on the show. Davidson’s joke about Crenshaw’s eye-patch did more than fall flat, as people all across the country of both political persuasions called the comic and the late-night show out in a big way.

Seems (for once) SNL listened, and Davidson and the show did their part in making it right.


We personally liked the one about how Davidson looks like a troll doll with a tapeworm.

Crenshaw actually played this really well and seriously, what an amazing sport to go on the show in the first place. When he first balks at getting Davidson back but then seems to really enjoy it? So well done.

We need more of this.


Brutal but true.

Huzzah, SNL!

Now keep this up …


‘Laughing at a vet … THIS is SNL’: Greg Gutfeld SHREDS SNL for mocking GOP candidate who lost his eye in war