Awww, it’s sort of adorable how hard Conor tried to make a dig at Trump about the vets and get Laura Ingraham’s attention.

And by adorable we mean sad, predictable, and all fail.

Today we are thinking about how hypocritical our dear friends on the Left are.

Eventually, they’ll figure out for every gripe they have with Trump, Obama was even worse … but until then we’ll just keep making fun of them.

And look, we didn’t agree with Trump bugging out on the ceremony over a little rain (c’mon, man) but for the Left to completely ignore how horrible Obama was to the right and his obvious disdain for the military is pretty damn ridiculous.

Hell yeah!

Obama didn’t get his way with the budget so he shut down the memorials to hurt the Right by hurting the vets.



Good times.

Ok, not really but you get the point …


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