You knew our favorite parody account, Sean Spicier (@sean_spicier), would be BUSY after the midterms this past week. Between Obama being the kiss of death for some Democrats and the ridiculous and shady shenanigans in Florida, Sean had his pick of topics to tweet about.

And of course, the usual suspects showed up to shake their tiny, angry fists at the guy they THINK is the real Sean Spicer and make complete fools out of themselves.

God bless America.

You people.


There are few things funnier than watching someone dunk on Spicier who thinks he’s really Spicer … just look for the blue check, folks.

Yum. Chili dog.


They’re so sensitive.


SnowFlake Jesus might want to look for that blue check next time.

We do it for the chili dogs.

If they thought these votes would benefit Republicans you know they’d be shrieking about voter fraud.

And again and again.


We’re so glad they keep playing this game.


Another one who should have looked for the magical verification.

Dude has definitely od’d on the hope and change.

And man, Democrats are so sensitive about their voter fraud. Sheesh!


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