Wait, CNN didn’t report the whole story about James Polite, the man who allegedly vandalized a synagogue in New York City?

We’re shocked … SHOCKED!

Surely they realized the pieces they left out about Polite were pretty important to the story (which is probably WHY they originally left them out):

A Democratic activist who volunteered on Obama’s presidential campaign.


Oh, and he worked as an intern combating hate crimes. Alrighty then.

CNN has long forgotten how to report on the actual news and seems to specialize in the narrative. If Polite had been a Republican in any sense of the word (or even had a relative or a neighbor who voted for a Republican ONE TIME), they would be framing Polite as some evil, dangerous, violent Trump supporter.

FYI, CNN did eventually update their story to include the details that were originally lacking:

Update after the story has all but been forgotten.


Call us cynical.

The timing is a tad suspect, yes.

Buried it, yup.

It’s the CNN way.


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