We’re pretty sure it’s safe to say that Laura Ingraham has had enough of the whiny, mopy, self-hating, b*tching and moaning about Americans from our good friends on the Left. Honestly, if folks like Dr. Vox (really, a doctor of Vox?) hate America and Americans so much maybe they should relocate to a country that makes them work harder for less.

What a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie.

Laura nailed him and others just like him:

‘Urban warriors who spend their days riding scooters, checking Tinder, wearing flip-flops’ … admit it, you saw those ‘guys’ in your head, right? If only she’d have included the man bun and skinny jeans (and a Che Guerva t-shirt or two).

Wait, you mean we don’t all live in castles and sit around eating bonbons all day?

Most of us actually worked for what we have?


Won’t someone think of the children?!


We asked doc how many refugees he would be welcoming into his home, he didn’t answer us.

Fair question as this editor sits in the pro-flip-flop column but drives a giant SUV and drinks good bourbon.

Maybe that’s a wash?


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