The media has really been pushing the narrative that women will decide the 2018 midterms … only what they really want is ‘certain women’ deciding the elections and we hate to break it to them but there are lots and lots of conservative women who will also be voting.

Not just these raging Leftist women in this lame Marie Claire puff piece:

Influential women? Look at who they put in the center …

From Marie Claire:

Marie Claire asked 50 influential women—celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and activists—to share their personal “why” with us. Their reasons for casting a ballot in the 2018 midterm elections are as diverse and varied as they are: a single-issue, a certain value, a specific person. Read their motivations below, and tweet your own with the hashtag #WhyImVoting before you vote on Tuesday.

Yeah, their reasons for voting are varied if you’re a liberal. Heh.

Many? Try basically all of them …

And they included this broad?

HA HA HA HA HA HA. Sounds like Shannon is voting for people who will take your guns away … shocker.

And hey, where’s Dana Loesch?

EEEK. Sorry, we should have warned you.

Also, you guys notice how Hillary hasn’t been asked to campaign for other Democrats?

Make sure you call Barbara ‘ma’am’ when you see her, she loves it.

Where is Marsha Blackburn? Martha McSally? Hrm.

She’s thinking about her son … she’s the president of Planned Parenthood.

Alrighty then.

Says the rich and powerful white woman who took advantage of a program meant for poor and powerless people.

Guess how this went over.



We made one correction under Senator Warren’s picture, from poos to poor (although the word ‘poos’ was sorta funny). Thx! Ed


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