In the days before the final Kavanaugh vote, many news outlets were doing their best to support the ridiculous allegations against the now-appointed SCOTUS associate justice, including NBC, and the New York Times. If you recall, NBC even pushed out a piece claiming Kavanaugh’s own friends texted about the accusations and alluded to the idea that they somehow framed him as a liar.

But now that the Judiciary Committee has released their report we find those texts did no such thing.

Phil Kerpen highlighted them in this brutal thread:

So when does Kavanaugh start suing these news outlets?


We always knew it was about Merrick Garland but still … seeing it in black and white? Wow.

New York Times tried to push a narrative? Get outta here.

Surely they wouldn’t do that.

Gosh, that sounds pretty sneaky.

What he said.




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