Awww, it’s the day before the 2018 midterms so OF COURSE, your friendly, neighborhood media are out in full force pushing all things anti-Trump in order to hurt Republicans tomorrow at the polls.

At this point, they’re not even really trying to pretend they’re objective which made this editor’s job of grabbing ten really ridiculous headlines super easy this morning and; quite honestly she anticipates adding even more as we get closer to the big day. These headlines will likely be tame compared to what we see in the next 24-36 hours … but we gotta start somewhere.

Try not to roll your eyes too much.

10. Trump BAD! Trump MEAN! Trump pushes hatred! Blame Trump! *ok this one deserves an eye roll, feel free*

9. According to The New York Times, tax cuts, job growth, and a thriving economy are in fundamental conflict with women’s faith. K.

8. MAFF is hard!

7. Both MSNBC and NBC are running this one, think they would if their magical poll went the other way?

6. This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one comparison to an evil leader from another country.

5. Huh? You know what, we can’t even with this one.

4. Washington Post seems to be on a mission to outdo the gross bias of every other outlet. Heh.

3. But what astrological sign are they?

2. CNN … don’t ever change.


Honorable mentions:

Trump is literally ending Twilight vampires … they say this like it’s a bad thing.

Remember how the media all but elected Trump? Some things never change.


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