No offense, but you know if a Krassenstein bro is pushing something it’s likely propaganda at best (and useless garbage at worst). He and other Democrats are so desperate to believe they’ll take the House tomorrow with their BLUE WAVE that they’re jumping on each and every poll they can that gives them the STATS they want to hear.

Like the ‘independent forecast’ from Charlie Cook aka @CookPolitical:

Dems are getting their hopes up. Sad.


Cook … where have we heard this name before? Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s the guy who not only said Hillary would win in 2016 but was also really wrong about the Senate that year.

From Bloomberg:

Political analyst Charlie Cook in National Journal predicts that Hillary Clinton will win presidential election and Democrats will take control of Senate.

Hillary will win the presidential election and Democrats will take control of the Senate? Gosh, that didn’t happen.

But that’s adorable.


Hey, if the data fits their narrative why would they change it?


They try so hard.

And we all know how THAT turned out.


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