For months we’ve been telling the Democrats that attacking Republicans both online and in real life would only help invigorate the Right, and thankfully they haven’t listened to us. Not that we think the Left actually reads Twitchy (except maybe Ron Perlman), but we’re not the only ones who have been telling them all they have to do is not be crazy.

Thank God they didn’t listen.

Sharyl Attkisson takes Democrats’ campaign tactics apart point-by-point in her latest piece for The Hill:

From The Hill:

If you’d asked me even six months ago, I would have told you that the Republicans were the party of shooting themselves in the foot.

But as we move into the final days before the 2018 midterm elections, the Democratic Party is giving Republican tone-deafness and incompetence a very public run for the money — and then some.

Some leading Democrats haven’t seemed to figure out that the harder they’ve worked to expose, silence, scream at, attack and bully those with whom they disagree, the more they’ve invigorated the other side.

She continued …

Democrats advocating for radical and unpopular positions remind me of that disoriented football player. You’ve seen that guy. He doesn’t know it, but he’s running the wrong way down the field. As he imagines himself breaking loose from final tackles, he hears the crowd’s screams and roars, picturing himself a hero as he dashes the final yards across the goal line, ball in hand, arms raised.

Only when it’s too late does he realize that those weren’t cheers of encouragement but pleadings to please, stop, get your bearings and realize what you’re doing. You just scored for the opposing team.

In other words, Dems are their own worst enemy.

Utterly delusional.


So defensive.

Suppose we would be too if we were watching our own wave dwindle to a sad puddle.

This is gonna be LIT!


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