The Left and our good, sweet, sincere friends in the media spent most of Saturday after the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue trying to find a way to blame Trump for the monster who killed 11 innocent people and wounded six others. Even though the gunman reportedly hated Trump and blamed him for supporting the Jewish people, somehow, someway Trump was labeled an anti-Semite.

We know, it’s stupid.

Well, Trump beat Hillary … that’s enough doncha know.

Matthew Dowd answered:

OMG. Trump has not been ANTI-IMMIGRANT … please, Lefties, stop pretending illegal immigrants and immigrants are the same things. SERIOUSLY.

Reality. ^

Brit Hume jumped in.

In Matthew’s small little mind it seems to.

Actually, Matthew, you did say that.


This editor is starting to be grateful Matthew blocked her when she called him out for being a schmuck to Mary Katharine Ham.

Insane? Try batsh*t CRAZY.

Then David French entered the ‘fray’:

This effin’ guy.


Matthew should DEFINITELY apologize for this vile take, but we all know he won’t.


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