Would someone remind Dianne Feinstein she tried this nonsense with the Judiciary Committee a couple of weeks ago and totally got shut down by Chuck Grassley? Suppose she thinks the NPR article makes a difference this time but nope …

So wait, she doesn’t want young judges on the bench? What? We thought Republicans were the party of rich old white guys, and now she’s saying they’re the party of young ideological judges.

Alrighty then.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, DiFi.



True story, when we first started writing this we figured the majority of her pushback would be from the Right but it seems the Left is far angrier with her. Guess they figured out how much damage she really did to the blue wave when she tried to frame an innocent man to keep him off SCOTUS.

Sorry but it’s more important to Dianne and other Democrats to be on recess.

Too late.

Wow, this didn’t go so hot, DiFi. Better luck next time.


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