Media would NEVER threaten anyone, especially not President Trump.


Oh, wait, THAT media. Guess again.

This thread is awful.

Nicole Wallace seems a tad violent.

But hey, fake pipe bombs and stuff.

Yes, Kathy made herself the victim when people were pissed at her for being disgusting.



Tell us again how it’s the Right who is dangerous and violent …

‘How do you resist the temptation to run up to her (Sarah) and ring her neck?’


How is this in any way appropriate from Nicole Wallace, MSNBC?

We all know Sarah Sanders would drop anyone who came at her but c’mon.



MSNBC, what else can we say?

And honestly, how are any of these people still allowed on the air? If talking heads had said any of these things about Obama they’d have been labeled as racist bigots and fired.

Updated to add another thread:


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