You know you’re a threat when Lefty rags start writing hit pieces about you.

Which means Salena Zito is a SERIOUS threat … look at this hot mess.

From Washington Monthly:

Zito had discovered a promising new beat: the sympathetic Trump voter profile. In September 2016, she made a splash with an Atlantic article in which she observed that, when Trump says something obviously false, “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

Sympathetic Trump voter profile. Alrighty then.

It gets worse.

The other alleged sin was one of commission: many of the quotes Zito obtained from unnamed man-on-the-street voters seemed too good to be true, in a way that consistently echoed Zito’s own political views.

These people are so arrogant they can’t accept that good people disagree with them. And they wonder what happened to their precious blue wave.

Other times, her subjects speak in a language that just doesn’t sound like the way real people talk, as when a thirteen-year-old French tourist named Mathilde says, “I wish more people young and old would understand the gravity of this moment and apply that kind of grace in their daily lives.”

Now, if this same 13-year-old said this about Hillary it would have been an ad that ran 24/7 on CNN, but since she was a Trump supporter she can’t be real.


If Trump supporters are normal, everyday people who just want different things from them they’ll have to start treating them like human beings, and God forbid, right?

Wait, she wants these guys to go out and actually talk to Trump supporters?!

The nerve.


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