Whoohoo! Let’s hear it for the unbiased, objective, media who do their jobs of reporting stories full of facts to make sure we’re all informed!


We’ve known all along the majority of traditional media serves at the will of the Democratic Party, but what we’ve seen come out about Michael Avenatti over the past 24 hours is shockingly biased even for them. Forget NBC News sitting on text messages from Avenatti’s second Kavanaugh witness stating he had twisted her words (right before the vote on Kavanaugh), TIME magazine has had his quote on the 2020 Democratic candidate being a white male for MONTHS.

Oh cool.

And then they blame Trump.

This is all beyond infuriating. What, did they think this wouldn’t eventually get out?

Wait, never mind.

Nope, not a bit.


All day that. ^


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