Only the Left would find a way to turn Sen. Susan Collins’ tweet of support to Sandra Day O’Connor into an opportunity to shake their little fists and shriek at her. Ever since Collins refused to be bought off or bulled when it came to Kavanaugh, the Left has been relentless in their attacks, some going so far as to take it into real life.

So we really shouldn’t be surprised that they used this tweet to abuse her but you know what, we’re still surprised by this level of hatred. It’s something we never really get used to.

Lovely, yes?

Look at these sweeties:

We imagine Sandra would do what Susan did and look through the evidence without bias, and then make the same decision on Kavanaugh. Just guessin’.

A pastor.


There are literally hundreds just like these … most of them from men, ironically.

And they wonder what happened to their blue wave.


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