Midterms are SO MUCH fun, doncha think? Between the endless (and we do mean endless) political ads and the heightened level of crazy on Twitter ’tis the season to eat your Wheaties and keep your sense of humor because otherwise, it could make you nutty.

And speaking of nutty, check this out:

Wow, right? And the music behind the footage isn’t bad … heh.

The Delaware homeowner shared this footage on Facebook (whoohoo, social media!) of Democrat Monique Johns stealing Republican Kevin Hensley’s pamphlet and replacing it with her own. Johns ultimately apologized for removing Hensley’s literature and replacing it with her own, but an apology doesn’t really change what she did. That she would steal her opponent’s pamphlet says she’s not only desperate to win but that she doesn’t think her platform will stand up against his in writing.

Yeah, we feel shocked.

Democrats are usually so honest and filled with integrity.

Cameras are EVERYWHERE.

Fair and square. Right. She’s a Democrat.

If a Republican was caught on video doing this, CNN would run it over and over and over again for the next two weeks.


And she failed.


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