For weeks and weeks (months?), the media has diligently been assisting the Left push their latest narrative for the midterms, and that’s voter suppression. Especially in Georgia because you know, they dared clean up their voter registration.

OH NO, it’s some great conspiracy by Kemp to win by oppressing minority voters or something. Don’t make that face, it’s not our narrative.

Erick Erickson took this claim (and Stacey Abrams) apart by breaking down the GA Secretary of State’s review of this ‘issue’ in epic thread:

Numbers are RACIST.

Math is a tool of white privilege!

Holy cow. Over 11k of the pending voters who failed Social Security Number verification were brought in by Stacey Abrams’ group, New Georgia Project. Tell us again who is trying to rig this election?



But Democrats and the media keep telling us voter fraud doesn’t exist unless of course it’s Russians but we digress.


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