Dana Loesch gets under Shannon Watts’ skin and she doesn’t even have to try. Seriously.

Like when Dana tweeted about the insane guy who attacked Mitch McConnell and his wife in a restaurant:

Dana said nothing about the NRA, guns, the Second Amendment, and she certainly didn’t mention Shannon who we all know has her blocked (although to be fair, Shannon has most of Twitter blocked).

And somehow, our friendly neighborhood exploiter of tragedy saw Dana’s tweet and for whatever reason quote tweeted her with this.

Guess she unblocked Dana long enough to smear her …

Kristy Swanson wasn’t having any of it.

SLAAAAAAY, slayer!

Kristy also realized most people who saw her tweet wouldn’t be able to see Shannon’s tweet because like we said, she has pretty much everyone who disagrees with her blocked.


According to Chris Loesch, Shannon even sent Dana a press release which is basically an invitation to the event.

But sure, it was an AMBUSH!

Others (who weren’t blocked before but probably are blocked now) questioned Shannon on her claim:

We know, we know!

Even Jesus would roll his eyes at this tweet.


Says the shill.

Seriously, Shannon is so predictable.

We’re going to guess she did.


HA! Excellent point.

Why oh why would Shannon bring her children to an event when she knew Dana might be there?

One guess.


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